Whale Week is comprised of a dedicated group of individuals and organizations working towards a common goal on behalf of the North Atlantic Right Whale. Oceana, Tybee Island Marine Science Center, Loop-it-Up, are our original sponsors/collaborators and we are happy to have W Projects join the team for Whale Week 2.0. 

Whale Week’s primary goal is to educate people of all ages about the North Atlantic Right Whale, what is affecting the NARW and its habitat, how humans and other wildlife are affected by these changes to our ecosystem, and how humans can implement change for the better. Each event at Whale Week has an educational component, geared towards children, adults, or both.

Community Engagement
By offering a series of events to all members of the community in a variety of locations, Whale Week aims to bring together people of diverse cultural backgrounds, united by a common cause. The message of “all people need to work together to preserve our environment” is a common thread throughout the series.

Promotion of the Arts
Creativity can be applied towards every aspect of life. By embracing creative thinking, we learn creative problem-solving. The Whale Week art component of the school curriculum helps to instill creative problem-solving, art appreciation, and teaches children how art can make a statement. This message is also reflected by our professional artists. Each participating artist is asked to present their view of the NARW to help make a statement, serving as a reminder and to urge the community to think deeply on the matter. Both student artwork and professional artwork will be displayed with the intention to help raise awareness and funds towards the conservation of the NARW.
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