Whale Week

“Building a Corridor of Consciousness” to protect and honor North Atlantic right whales and oceans
Every year, late November marks the season for endangered North Atlantic right whales to come home to Georgia’s waters to calve their newborns. With only about 360 of these whales known to be alive, the Georgia ocean area plays a vital role in protecting and honoring these whales.    As these migratory whales travel to the reaches of Canada’s waters each Spring and back down to the Coast of Georgia each Winter, they face an amplified struggle for survival. From ship strikes to fishing lines or seismic blasting off our coasts, their journey is perilous.   Since 2018 local and international nonprofits, artists, scientists, and advocates together to welcome the whales home to warmer waters by exploring the history, present issues, and future of this gentle giant. Whale Week brings scientific, cultural, and historical education events to the Georgia area connecting locals with their inner ocean steward.

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