Hermina Glass-Hill, MHP

Whale Week Director

Hermina Glass-Hill is an eco-harmony advocate, ocean conservationist, and cultural historian who is committed to protecting the ocean’s biodiversity, bringing coastal communities into deeper reflections about our ocean heritage, and fighting for justice for our neighbors on land and under the sea. This includes the endangered North Atlantic right whales who have been migrating from Canada to the warm waters off the Georgia coast for thousands of years. With less than 330 North Atlantic right whales in existence, we all must do our part to protect North Atlantic right whales.

“In addition to climate change, ocean acidification, and threats to food sources and habitats, the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale population also faces human-caused threats that is pushing this species on the verge of extinction: entanglement and vessel strike. We need to reverse this. In Savannah, Georgia, Whale Week is an annual opportunity to bring all members of the community (artists, writers, musicians, students, parents, schools, faith leaders, and others) into awareness and action to protect North Atlantic right whales, Georgia’s state marine mammal.”

Hermina Glass-Hill is the founder of the Susie King Taylor Women’s Institute and Ecology Center, administrator of the M.K. Pentecost Ecology Fund at Savannah Presbytery, and the Georgia field representative at Oceana, one of the largest global non-governmental organizations committed to protecting the world’s ocean and feeding communities.

CJ O’Brien

Whale Week Program Manager

In 2017 Paulita Bennett-Martin called upon friends from across the world to do artwork depicting their interpretations of the life and death of North Atlantic right whales. That show was called Lines and Strikes and took place at Sulfur Studios in Savannah Georgia. She saw the power of art to bring ocean conservation into the hearts of minds of a broader and more diverse community. After that initial art show, other local leaders from around Savannah stepped up and said why does this need to be one night, and so Whale Week was created! Paulita is a lifelong natural born sea lover, with her roots in the tropics. She’s a proud daughter of an Irish American maverick named Robert and a fun-loving Belizean mom named Amparo. Whale Week‘s founder works for the world’s largest ocean conservation in the world, Oceana in Washington DC. She also founded her own community first conservation organization in the Caribbean, called Sea of Life. When she isn’t working, she spends as much time as possible visiting new beaches, reefs, and exploring the world with her husband Edgemont, and their trusty cat Tigger Boy and dog Penny.